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Nonprofit Law


How to Start a Nonprofit

Before filling any paperwork or starting fundraising it is important to evaluate whether you should start a nonprofit or if another option is better for your situation. We can help you review all the options and determine which is best for your specific goals. If you decide a nonprofit is the right option there a number of organizational documents that have to be filed with the state and the IRS as well as  some documents that are important, but should not be filed. Call us today and we can help you through the maze of paperwork and get your nonprofit started on the right foot.

Tax Exempt Status

Applying for tax exempt status can be tricky. There are various forms which get filed with several different government agencies and at different times. Then once you gain nonprofit status it can also be tricky to maintain it. Since 2011 the IRS has revoked more than 500,000 nonprofits’ tax exempt status for failure to file the right forms. It is important that a nonprofit have an advisor that is familiar with the processes and common pitfalls of the legal and tax environment.

Board Assistance & Training

Nonprofit boards play several important functions: legal compliance, organizational leadership, fundraising, and vision. But what are their legal duties? How does a board translate their visions and passion into action? New boards often need training while existing boards require ongoing support. We provide both training and continued support as boards seek to satisfy their legal duties and practical tasks.


A mission is a nonprofit’s driving force, but fundraising is the lifeblood of nonprofit success. We can help you with issues around fundraising such as tax compliance, legal compliance, fundraising strategies and defining your fundraising plan, crown sourcing, and working with professional fundraisers.

The Business of Running

a Nonprofit Organization

In some ways nonprofits have the same needs as a for profit business. They have employees; they utilize contracts; they have intellectual property needs. But nonprofits are different from for profit organizations in some very important ways. Nonprofits are mission driven and often live or die with volunteer work. Nonprofits rely on collaborative management, and  the need to raise money in order to accomplish their vision.   When serving nonprofits we modify our services so that they fit the unique needs of  each individual nonprofit.



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